My intention is to house a Wiki for gaming ideas on this site and perhaps writings and general goodness of my creative endeavors.  If you are here, I assume it is because you are a friend of mine.  That being the case, let me know if you have a request of something you want to see or some idea of mine you want to see developed.

My Gaming Philosophy

I adore independent games and am committed to bettering my personal play by understanding and developing my creative outlet through study of my Creative Agenda and development of a group of like-minded players who will allow me to expand my exploration of that agenda.

Links and Such

My PDQ and PDQ# Page

“This City Still Burns” – My Dresden Files FATE Game

Never Home” – My old FATE Campaign (now faded to legend)

TechWoodCon (My Home Convention)

A Doji Yuri Filk Song (my L5R character)